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Writing this *blog* thing makes me realise how fast time has slip by so quickly. The Vesak Day weekend break had came and gone. It was a rather nice rest with minimum done. Just when Singapore thought we could finally be declared SARS free by the World Health Organization (WHO), a single case creeps in and dashes all hope. The crisis had hit home in a rather unexpected way when the flu outbreak happened in IMH. I'm looking towards more peaceful days ahead...

Airline tickets are going at a ridiculous price! Almost 1 for 1 for destinations to USA and Europe. It's as tempting as a blueberry cheesecake. However, I'm not entirely keen travelling near the June holidays. Then there is the budget constrains etc. My financial situation and management can still be better improved.

Things had taken another turn when one of my skating buddies 'suddenly' became pregnant! We're all fussing about the couple's new role in life, baby stuff, names and all that planning! It's definitely most mentally stressful (and I'm not even the pregnant one). Pregnant Mama can't be skating for a long while... so that bit ain't as fun.

I'm about a month late for last year's vacation trip production. I'm starting to freak out at both time management and lack of time! As for today, I'm even going to think about it.

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