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We're 5 months into 2003. I'm thinking maybe sometime this weekend, I might spare a couple of moments to recollect on the progress of the year for me. Yupe... it's rather mushy I must agree... Well, on the brighter side, the war is at it's tail's end. It's an encouraging factor to the Asian SARS crisis. News report of another year of wage freeze! It's almost like freezing your entire work career into an ice block and chucking it away in Eskimo land! The comforting thought is that there are other ice blocks with you... then starts the melting game (when you pee)!

It's almost sad to realise there is actually very little to look forward to in the coming months. Then again... "You are what your life is" - (I don't fully understand what I just wrote myself). Just receive an email that this year's CommunicAsia and Broadcast Asia has pulled out due to the infectious state of Singapore! Travel fares on the other hand had dropped to an all time low... but it does take some guts to make that trip.

The film festival is drawing to a close this Saturday (I have 2 more films to go). This selection of films I've picked this year had turned out to be rather average. Nothing too mind blowing, but maybe a couple worth noting. Like previous years, it's very draining (both physically and monetary) but less fulfilling this time round.

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