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The bruises from my blading accident are recovering quite nicely. Exercising came to a halt since the incident and for some weird reason (considering I'm no fitness guru), I'm been thinking about hitting the gym and stuff.

This is going to be a busy week before I fly off to Europe. There are numerous miscellaneous (but time consuming) items to settle and more research work to do. Somehow I've always liked the idea of knowing a little background and what to expect about the place I'm visiting. I can't be sure if it's to prevent a culture shock... or conditioning myself better to adapt the culture? I'm trying not to do too much this week, but the work keeps on flowing in!

I've finally been persuaded to purchase a new ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128mb graphics card. It will set a $340 bucks hole in my pocket, but it's seriously one of the last upgrades to my Zeus machine (except for a DVD writer)! It's probably timely, as the system now requires a full format. I'll have to figure a way properly back up my current data, and that is honestly such a pain!

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