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Has it been a week since I last *blog*? Then this is going to be a very "drama" piece...
Starting off with something very exciting - I'm traveling to EASTERN EUROPE!
Right... I was stunned at my mom's trip suggestion and scanned my brain to figure which counties were considered Eastern Europe...
So it will be a 12 days trip comprising of Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.
How cool and exotic right? I've traveled the main parts of Central Europe as a kid and I've pretty much had a good impression of Europe. Largely due to my cultural interest in it's fine arts and spectacular architecture. I'm already looking into more information on the places I'll be visiting. Intend to store them into my Ipaq as I travel and continue with my logs.

More updates on the trip later.

The not so great news - I had this massive accident while blading last weekend and ramped into *stupid* cycling kids trying to make ridiculous overtakes! In an effort to avoid a greater collision, I sacrificed myself, jumping off the track and landing face down! The result is a too large to describe bruise on the thigh that'll take at least another week to fully recover. I now have little to no compassion for these *stupid* kids, if they come into my path; they'll be pushed away. The situation could have been worse... like a head injury etc

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