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Last night I watched an Italian film - 'Tosca' directed by Benoît Jacquot in 2001. It's not just any ordinary film, but an Opera film! I'll have to admit I'm so not into Classical or Opera (all the high notes and stuff), but the reviews and genre really intrigued me to watch it. The thunderous blood-and-sex soaked libretto and romantically hysterical score set around an Opera Singer, Floria Tosca; her Painter Lover, Mario Cavaradossi and a Chief Police, Scarpia. I can't remember if I had formerly watched anything like this, but I certainly enjoyed the poetic verses. I melt at sentences like these:

"My tears flow like lava from my eyes and my blood burns to live"

This film had set my heart back on poetry. How mere words can cause that tingle beneath the nerves.

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