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I'm starting to realise that is it important to keep taps on
1) Things you need to do
2) Things you want to do
3) Things that are good to do
4) How much time / money you spend on the above

It's more of like becoming "accountable" to your life and the gift of each day.
I've realised that writing things down really helps in this area.

Just today, I spoke to an old friend who's this wonderful cook. He was formerly working at Four Season Hotel, and it was truly a blessing that he had changed to a better job just before the SARS outbreak. Honestly, with occupancy rate at hotels dropping to an all time low...I'm really happy for him.

And yesterday (as planned), I picked up a box of Celestial Peach Flavoured tea and got my Mt. Romance Sandalwood Oil. The next step will be to enjoy each one of them!

Getting things done in the day marks some kind of fulfillment (in a way)...

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