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It was a fabulous 2 days in a row of stormy rain in the mornings, topped with occasional thunder, gloomy skies and loads of wind! The perfect scenario to sleep in... but it was a working Monday and Tuesday! These are the days you honestly wanted to call in for urgent leave or take a bogus MC! It really takes pure determination to drag ones' butt off bed and make that grueling journey to the office.

The Arts Festival events I've planned for last weekend were casually fore sicken amidst the bad weather and Father's Day celebration. The family dined out at CHIJMES, Lei Garden Chinese cuisine, and felt a little ripped off by the set menu costing $196+++. On a normal weekend, set dinners would have cost a mere $108+++. Let's just say the dishes were nothing to rag about, but to have to pay near $100 bucks more was rather extreme.

I came across a neat website some time ago - "Radebaugh - The Future that we were Promised". It features pictures and adverts drawn in the 1940 - 1950s of what the 20th century might look like! Pretty imaginative stuff. I guess we got a long way more to go...

And to top it off for today - here's a really funny Dilbert joke -

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