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I'm BACK! After 17 hours of grueling flight time, I've finally completed my 12 days Eastern Europe trip; covering Austria (Vienna), Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia, Poland (Krakow), Czech Republic (Prague) and Germany (Dresden & Berlin). It was hell of a rush traveling by coach... despite not having all that much time to explore each area (my favorite being Prague and Berlin), it was still a good appetizer for future serious trips.

I've written a little journal on my Ipaq while traveling between states. Will fix it up nicely to be posted online. It's going to be a long one...
The pictures are not ready yet. There's a new photo development place downstairs my workplace that's having a 1/2 price opening special. I'm crossing my fingers that the roll I've taken there for testing turns our satisfactory (will save me heaps of cash!). Not to worry... I'll certainly pick the best for the web!

Back at work today and had been clearing task after task non-stop! Honestly speaking, the break was truly refreshing! Somehow you feel more in gear to do more?!?!
Okie... catch back...

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