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Today is getting off to a stone start... largely due to the rather consistent late nights. I'm about 3 days away to Vienna and am semi-packed. At least I've purchased all the necessary and have written a check list to follow on.

After much (x10) deliberation, I've decided to forego the video camera and will be sticking to the faithful ASP Canon Ixsus. To prevent further change of mind, I made Derek bring TRV 950 back to his place to be kept in the cool box. Vic's 35mm compact Nikon has gathered some fungus on the lens and I'm rather worried it might affect the picture quality. The humidity level at my place is awful!
Everything about the ASP is nice... love the longer "H" version and panoramic features, except for the high cost in film and the development!
I even did some reading up on debate between 35mm film vs. ASP's 24mm and have concluded that in terms of cost in the long run, I'd rather stick with the 35mm format. Then I've been thinking about the digital format... but I'm still rather disappointed with the general picture quality.

Nuff said about that... today I'll be going back to Gigi for my haircut. Going to make her give me some fringe this time round. Can't believe it was 6 months since I last visited the saloon!
Then it'll be back home for the much need nap before I start packing again!

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