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Now that my lower back is sore, I'm starting to realise that I have been more busy at work since I returned from Europe!
Was just talking to a colleague over the phone and I can't believe it had only been 2 weeks since I returned! I feel less energised and refreshed...
The rest of the week ain't a bed of roses either... so the pictures online will have to wait till next week.

I guess in some good way, it's been a mixture of hectic activities. The workload in the office, some *extra* work, an intense 2 days Portal Seminar (the food at the Hyatt was good - I'd have to admit), Vic coming back from overseas and some friends catching up. It's almost strange everything happens together!

Well, on a lighter side... couple of interesting bits I heard these days.

1) After the huge success of Pixar/Disney's "Finding Nemo", drainage pipes leading to the ocean in America now have signboards stating "Please do not let your fish loose through these pipes. Pipes have filter systems to prevent clogging"!

2) Malaysians are divorcing their partners through SMS!

3) A 7 year old boy in Taiwan has become a porno addict after being exposed to *dirty pictures* by his grandfather since he was a baby.

Oh boy...the things that happen these days...

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