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Say hello to AUGUST! I think I've stressed enough on how time files! 5 more months and we'll be saying farewell to 2003...
I had a long night's sleep yesterday (didn't get any work done) and am feeling more alert today. Will be fore-going the company's cocktail reception tonight to return home earlier.

Dinner yesterday with the gang @ Holland V was great. We almost couldn't believe that the last time we met was some time back in April!
Have yet another bottle of Davidoff Cool Water from Sharon and Ster. The funniest thing was the little beanie dogs that Charles wrapped and made us pick. It turned out that for some funny reasons, we chose dogs that represented what our characters were like! The coincidence was almost freaky!

I had the chance to show them the Eastern Europe pictures and the ones of the Poland Nazi Concentration Camps really stirred conversations. How the twisted brain Germans actually experimented with women and wanted to re-create blond hair and blue eyes! I can't even start to imagine what it might really be like back then. There might be plans to watch "Schindler's List" together someday.

We've been talking about the silent retreat thing for sometime. Not sure if we'll really get to do it... Now with my lack of sleep, Sharon's stressed life and Charles' prolonging insomnia; it's becoming more a necessity.

So June has a *blog* of her own . Check it out, I think she writes well.

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