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It started to pour cats and dogs at about 6am. I love to snuggle up in bed with my pillows and quilt on a rainy night.

Caught Jack Neo's "Home Run" yesterday night. Having watched the original Iranian film "The Children of Heaven" directed by Majid Majidi (which earned it's title as an Academy Nominated film, plus won awards in international film festivals); I was skeptical to what Neo could produce that would not put down Majidi's down-to-earth and beautiful film. Watching the film with little expectations helped. The adaptation and stolen plot was over-looked in a local context. I loved the sub plots between the soccer teams rivalry symbolizing conflicts between Malaysia and Singapore. The use of kids and a clever script threaded through this political fine line quite effectively.

The film had what it takes to make it enjoyable; good story, child talent, nice cinematography, directorial timing and funny scenes. Of cause, other to be improved areas could be sound, ADR and improved plot. I think the makers can be proud of this film. It's certainly a positive sign for Singapore's film industry.

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