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Discussions of the STYG website last night bore some fruits. Now it's all up to me to churn out a mighty cool website. The brief is to have it light-hearted and fun, nothing too serious. It's certainly going to be fun to design - but still it needs to be functional. Let's see if I can act on the workflow concept within these 2 days.
Perhaps not tonight since I'll be hanging out with the gals again. There's some kind of celebration for Miran's birthday at some pub (don't even know which one!) and we haven't even thought of the present yet... Ooops! What if she reads this!!!

Can't believe it's the weekend again! Freaky!

The thought of everything that's back-logged gives me the creeps... in order of importance:
1) Eastern Europe Pictures Online
2) STYG Website
3) Learn Sonic Scenarist. Get all my DVD content authored!
4) Edit Hansin's ROM montage footage
5) Edit Michelle's Wedding montage footage

Somewhere in between all the above - I must re-format Zeus.
It's a good thing to be occupied...

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