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The National Day weekend came and gone... somehow it felt too short. Feel a little cheated it fell on a Saturday...
Nevertheless, it was jam packed with a good mix of activities.

Starting off with Friday evening - Dinner was a little different with kaya toasts and chin chow at Killeney Road. Then we hit the pubs (hopping actually); Sound Bar, Siam SC (not really what it used to be now) and ending off with some Budweiser at Ice Cold Beer. It was honest good fun, chilling and chatting the whole night through!

National Day got off to a late start, with Charles popping over in the late morning to prepare for the spaghetti. Let's say lunch could have been better (not enough sauce, spaghetti noodles too soft, forgot the mushrooms...) but it was still enjoyable topped with 2 bottles of sparkling grape juice. Afternoon movie delight was as planned - "Schindler's List". Having visited the actual concentration camps, certain scenes were really heart breaking. The next movie up in the pipeline will be another holocaust film, "The Pianist".
Charles revealed to us his "precious"! Sent Sharon hysterical then dumb founded. Was expected really... For once, I didn't even care to watch the National Day Parade!

I changed my handphone case Sunday, it's now a Nokia 8310 look alike! Everyone loved it! Had a different blading kaki (which was really fun). And BBQ with Derek's cell members. The sea breezes made me feel like 1/2 of what I ate was sand... Oh! The doggies had a shave too! They look so much more adorable!

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