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There's a joyful spirit in the air on this day, the eve of Independence Day! Not that I really care (that's the awful truth), I am looking forward to the holiday. Sort of desperately need to have a nice morning to sleep in.

Honestly, being Singaporean is not such a bad deal... besides the loads of restrictions in our daily lives, the country is generally a safe and welcoming one. Whatever the case; Singapore is my birthplace, where I grew up (the great childhood days!) and where I'm making a living right now. Cannot complain too much...

The entire week was a busy one, with all sorts of activities lined back to back! Watched "Tomb Raider 2 : The Cradle of Life" mid-week, oh what a crapy show! At least Angelina Jolie was eye-candy - it's not even worth my effort to mention anything more.

Then there's the ex-STYGgies get together! It was really cool seeing how we've all grown! Even the "Crater Chicken" complexions are smoothening well! It's almost starting to become like one of those class/society reunions where we gather once in 6 months and catch up on who's doing what all over again. Almost like showing face and saying "Hey I still exist"! I'm hoping that STYG is less like this...

I've got the public holiday all lined up tomorrow... it's going to be a day to be remembered! *Wink*

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