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There has been numerous "water-cooler" (not that I have one in the office) conversations after the release of the Vatican's campaign against gay marriages and gay adoptions. I have yet to read through on the 12-page document that made Gay Groups hop in protest and fury! This follows our nation's controversy that arose from Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong's disclosure that the Government was now openly employing homosexual people, even in sensitive jobs.

It seems like this "gay" matter is a steaming volcano waiting to erupt. There must be a personal stand where grey patches are evident. The Catholic Church together with numerous Christian denominations and the Muslim community has theirs on the opposing side. It is a concerning issue to be addressed, similar to the Church's stand against abortion and contraceptives.

All this has come at a rather delicate time where kids of today are growing in a very tough world, where right and wrong is not so clearly defined anymore.
Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.*Wink*

Will be following up on this hot topic closely.

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