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I've finally read the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith : Against Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons.
I'd have to admit it was a rather dry piece of document with a couple of very valid points and some strong use of words.
More importantly, this document serves to all (more so to politicians and law-makers) as a reminder to our duty as a good person and how we intend to bring through good values to our next generation. The earth revolves and the world changes; the state of leaves tell the season, but the tree still bare it's roots firmly in the ground.

It's almost interesting to note how some very important values / traditions / cultures in life could have been conveniently shelved away, hidden in dark closets and life goes on without it. It makes me question the importance of many things we do. Who determines what goes and what stays - the law or the community?

I'm realising it's necessary to have a stand when confronted with issues concerning human values and morality. Someday, someone up there might ask me what my stand was - and I'm going to need a good answer! :) And the best things is - The answers can be found in his Basic Information Before Leaving Earth best-seller!

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