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Yupe another night of picnic under the stars and cool Jazz music to slip the night away. Okay, I'd have to admit the all female traditional Jazz grooves didn't really do it for me. The only performer note worthy performer was this Fat Black performer who's got such a powerful voice I think she blew one of the speakers! Alex bought her CD, so we'll have another chance to savour her crooning. I must have drowned at least 1/2 a bottle of wine. We had the a bottle of white Slovakian and a nice South African Merlot. This time we have little nice plastic wine glasses...

"Kill Bill" Kick Ass!
I caught the Saturday midnight preview for "Kill Bill" - Quentin Tarantino's 4th movie flick. I almost can't even recall the last occasion I watched a midnight... very likely it was "Star Wars II : Attack of the Clones"! I feel old already... I can't say more - the film literally KICK ASS! The film lacks the usual Tarantino twist in plot (somehow it's too straight forward) and smart conversions. Nevertheless, the setting was great and the martial arts China dude who did "Matrix", was roped in to choreograph the awesome flight scenes. I simply love all the characters, each one with it's own style and story. And how the Anime sequence blended into the film - so surreal... I can't wait for Vol. 2 next year.
They also have a KICK ASS website everyone must check out : .

Double O Bash
Lis and I were about an hour late for Yanling's birthday dinner at BBoss. Somehow or other it took us a while to get a Marks and Spencer's Card (really cute with cartoon penguins), a flower and 2 CDs (Jewel : Intuition and Kevin Kern's More then Words Compilation). The funny part was improvising to make everything presentable. Service at BBoss sucked. Took us about 2 hours before our food came. Miran was so pissed she demanded for service charge to be waived.

Drinks were at Double O. 15 bucks cover charge with cheap drinks at 3 bucks for house pours. Worth it. Yanling had to down a Flaming Lamborghini, which made her floaty and fun. Miran complained that the crowd was a little young but I thought the music sucked. And then we sort made plans for Lis' Hen Party... Yeah! Party time Sabo time!!!

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