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The Bug is still around!
The entire office seems to have attracted the bug named Flu... my nose stuffed up again last night... not a good sign... oh well, looks like what goes around comes around. But honestly, I don't want to be sick again; especially not with the long Deepavali holiday up this weekend.

'Forbidden City' the musical screened last night on Arts Central. Was nice to actually see the expressions of the performers up close and personal. Perspiration dripping down their cheeks and sliver splitting out at strong notes! Although it wasn't a top notch musical, the effect live was rather amazing. Somehow the TV screen didn't really capture the lighting and colours as well. 1 or 2 tunes have now lingered a little in my brain.

"The Practice" had started season 7 on local tele. Season 8 had had already started in the states. Can't believe TCS is so slow. Oh well, Guess there'll be something to watch every Monday night now.

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