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Vic had left back to GZ by the time I woke this morning. He had been invading into my room throughout the night and taking CDs off my software archival case. This morning I found a stack of CD laying around and some sleeves had no CDs in them!!! 2 CDs are gone!!! FYI, I've spent countless hours setting up a CD archive system which has a software to do searches that is labeled to each numbered disc. I don't even know what went missing yet... and that's not a whole load of fun. It's almost frustrating now that Vic is not even in the country. I'm tempted to make him send the CDs back to me should I find them important.

That aside, I might pop over to Charles' place to burn a couple of DVDs. Read a little on DVD burners but still find them on the pricey side. Will be off loading "Deep Space Nine : Season One" and "Taken". That should ease off Gigs of HD space which I desperately need. Funny how HD space is never enough no matter how much you already own...

Hansin loved his wedding VCD. Always nice to have a happy customer. He'll be featuring it at Sunday's dinner at Fatty Weng. Been roped in again to film the morning's events and dinner night... on that note, I should be contacting Mich for her video presentation.

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