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It rained so heavily last night that a tree along my way to work got uprooted! It wasn't one of those punnie stem, but a proper tree. That was how strong the wind was. Which made it extra nice to sleep in... which unfortunately I did not have the luxury to enjoy.

I'm currently reading a mind provoking book - "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyoshaki. It's the book that's rocking the financial management world, probing your mind to think smart when it comes to managing and growing money. To me it's more a discovery for 'quality of life'. Maybe it spun off after a brief chat with Uncle Edwin on Sunday. Uncle Edwin had always been this knowledgeable and well read person who you can seek advise upon. He's retired now, and runs a program to help young people realise and achieve what they really want to do with their life. Not living for what their parents or peers want them to be, but truthfully aim for what one desire. Of cause it starts of by realising what that desire is... Given a chance, I'd like to explore that myself. I've always thought that life should be more well rounded in more ways. Just that you only have 24hrs each day; out of which, more that 2/3 are spent on sleeping and the office. Leaving only 4 - 5 hours averaging to do what you like. Millions of people live that way... I'm one. I'm debating if that's what I really want. Many who had read the book said that the content will brain wash one to not want to be an employee. I'm captivated.

Derek had arranged dinner with some Oz friends. Since falling ill 2 weeks ago, I've been spending most of my time home bound. It's a refreshing change to meet a different bunch of friends and chill a little. Especially now that I feel fit again. Exercise will resume!

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