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We're exactly 30 days before Christmas. Christmas signifies a lot things to me; a fuzzy time for merry-making, family get-togethers, Christmas decorations around the house, baked turkey and honey ham, Christmas Mass and a closure for the year.

I tend to tie up loose strings come this time of the year and beat myself for under achieving! It's such human nature to procrastinate and be lazy... It's nice to have a New Year to start the slate clean again.

Thinking back on all the Christmases that trickled by; some were meaningless, some were special, some were too busy and others felt like nothing.
I'd like this one to mean something. Exactly what... I'm not too sure. But hopefully something that draws me closer to the true meaning of this special day.

For a starter, I've come up with a Christmas 10 list:
1) Play Christmas Tunes (I've already stored my Christmas MP3s into my computer)
2) Put up the Christmas Tree, hang up the Christmas wreath, put up the Christmas Stocking (and hope that it'll fill up with candies on Christmas morning)
3) Write Christmas Cards (that mean something)
4) Buy special presents (for the special people in my life)
5) Spring clean the room
6) Do the activities in the Advent Booklet
7) Go for confession
8) Give something to the needy
9) Learn a special recipe for Christmas
10) Believe in Santa Claus

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