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November came to a great end. I'm hyped about the last month of 2003.

Bowling Tournament
It was a great game yesterday at my company's Annual Bowling Tournament Friendlies @ Marina South's Superbowl. I had an average score of about 120 with the second game having a lousy end. My team crawled within the top 10s (coming in at No. 10) amongst 30 over teams. I'm proud to be standing at No. 5 in the Ladies overall amongst 57 contestants. Thought that was quite an achievement. So here's 3 cheers to my teammates, John and Stephen for a jolly fun time.

Lord of the Rings II : The Two Towers DVD
The Lord of the Rings II Collector's Edition DVD had finally arrived some time last week. It's a 4 DVD pack with 40 minutes of additional footage to the 2nd installment. Derek and I spent most of Saturday's rainy afternoon spotting the new scenes. I am a believer that every scene needs to exist in the film for a reason. Somehow I'd have agree to the final shorter cut; omitting numerous Mary and Pipi's forest scenes, the extended funeral scene of Rohan's Prince, a stable scene on a wild horse and other general dialogue scenes.

Lord of the Rings III : The Return of the Kings will be airing it's premiere screening tonight in New Zealand! I am 18 days away to having my kick!

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