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It’s almost concerning how little I have “blogged” these days… here’s all the dashes and trashes…

No more Wisdom…I’ve extracted my 4th and last wisdom tooth last night at Dr. Tan’s clinic. He even let me take home my tooth so I can keep it as a souvenir. So I’ve used up my dental benefits for this year and all those nice extended medical leave. Now that all my unnecessary (potentially rotting) teeth have been taken out, I’m looking towards bleaching services next year. Thinking back on the experiences, I’ve been blessed with painless uneventful surgeries. I value nicely aligned, strong and healthy teeth… intend to keep my set that way. Lately, I started drinking small amounts of chocolate milk (hoping to increase my intake of calcium) and generally found milk quite tasty. Milk had been a No No for numerous years (body system didn’t like it very much) but I’m pleased current un-repulsion.

Lisa’s Wedding
Lisa finally walked down the isle and said her “I Do” to a special someone. Everything about the wedding was so sweet… who could ask for anything more. Although days before her big day I actually dreamt about a wedding of different kind. Instead of dinner and solemnization at the Marina Mandarin; it happened at Raffles Hotel’s garden courtyard. Lis told me that was the exact wedding she would have desired! How freak! My heart goes out to my best friend and the lucky guy. We’ll be waiting for the “ku ku jai”!

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