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The last time I "blogged" was on Halloween! Had I really been that busy? Here's the scoop for the past week.

Fright Night, Boogie Night!
The Sentosa "House on Hill" adventure got off on the wrong footing when we couldn't figure how to get to the location. Turns out that transportation into the island was not included and we had to catch a S$1 ride from the bus interchange. Upon arrival, we met up with 4 witches (the Sabrina type) and explored the Museum trail together. It wasn't very scary, but the gals screamed their heads off (which was kinda fun) and one even dropped her tube! The other more interesting trail was "The Ring" meet "Pontiaik" forest trail. We got interviewed by The New Paper crew; and Charles had his 3 sentences of fame in the Talbot newspaper. The live band for the night was called Amy and the Rhythms... they were okay... but what did you really expect from a group name like that!

The crowd were unusually sporting, which really made a world of difference. We were dancing with the Scream, a Vampire, an Angel, the Devil, the Mad Rocker and I'm the faceless Devil. Just imagine head banging, hands lifted, sweat dripping Halloween creatures having a good time before the band.

Charles was roped in for the "Dressed to Kill" parade. The winner took home a bottle of Vodka... but he didn't get it. All in all, it was a good night of freaky fun :)

Matrix : Revolutions
Tonight, I'll complete my final installment of the Matrix Trilogy. Charles had actually invited me to the premiere screening on Wednesday... it may be a blessing in disguise that I failed to watch it as theatres (except GV) all around, experienced pictures and sound out of sync right towards the end! What a screw up!

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