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Today is my "Lord of the Rings III" Day! Really excited about it.

I'm having a very busy work week, resulting in numerous "Christmas Cannot Dos". I managed to squeeze in some Christmas greeting messages for my cards 2 days back. Can't believe we're about a week from the big day. Looking back on my Christmas 10 list, I'm jolly happy I had done a couple and will be working on 1 or 2 more by this weekend. The 2 most difficult items on the list - Spring Cleaning and Christmas Shopping has yet to come near in sight!
Mom and Vic had flew off to Kiwi Land, so I'm thinking of a nice steak place to bring Dad for Christmas. There's also a sweet little grass reindeer sitting under my Christmas tree!

The Return of SARS!
There might be a possible Sars relapse back in Singapore. A Taiwan researcher confirmed with the Sars virus had come in contact with numerous Singaporean during his visit here and 70 has been under home quarantine since yesterday. Looks like these poor folks had just blown their Christmas celebrations. This news had brought down the Asian stock markets and it's effect will be felt stronger if the virus is not contained.
Thinking ahead... all my late work nights might put me in danger due to a lower immunity. Must Sleep More - have less stress!

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