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The week had been an awesomely swell one…

Mich’s Wedding
It was a beautiful wedding at The Fullerton Hotel last night. Mich had put in so much “love” into this special day it really showed. With all my love – have a “warm” honeymoon!

The Gift Youth Retreat
I popped down yesterday afternoon to the Youth Retreat to look for Sr. Fran who returned from California. It had been over 4 years since I last contacted her. It was such joy. While away, she did her Masters in Theology and Asian Religious Studies. How cool is that! I’ve learnt a thing or 2 while chatting with her about the church and faith.

One thing she said stuck strongly “We must learn to be less busy”. Thinking through, we’re now about 10 days away from Christmas. I haven’t done many of the 10 things I’ve listed for myself at the beginning of December. But I’ve achieved a couple :). The following week will be a busy working one and I feel trapped by all the work… and I only have 1 more weekend… sigh…

I really feel that our meeting was so God sent. Shaking me up a little and reminding myself to chill off a little to calm the soul...

D&D 2003
This was by far the worst D&D I’ve ever attended! Nothing can be worse than a slow and boring program line-up that doesn’t excite the 1,000 over crowd. Adding to the horror was terrible food and a pathetic door gift… The night was called “The Game Show”, with guest appearances from “The Wheel of Fortune Singapore’s” Bernard Lim and Eunice Olsen. Apparently the committee engaged the Flying Dutchman’s event company… The dress code was National, so I arrived in Miran’s black Indian Sari. It was such a hit with everyone.

The event ended after 1am, as many still wanted to await their chance for the grand lucky draw with a whooping value of $7,000. I didn’t win… as you noticed…

The Concert Run Down
There was lots of rain to accompany the 3 Masters in Mainstream Jazz Concert at the indoor stadium on Thursday. Prax and myself arrived about 15 mins before the concert and had our tickets upgraded to the $120 seats. We were about 4-5 meters away from the stage and could see all the sweat and expressions! How swell! In fact we were so close we moved higher up from act 2 onwards so we could see the drummer. I had my fair share of fun, but I’ll be rating this gig 6.5/10 with demerit points for:
1) Starting 45 mins late
2) The most stupid piped music - I think I heard the Hill Billy’s’ Theme
3) Sound screw-up for Spyro Gyra - that was such a waste!
4) Long in between interval times
5) Ending late – all the crowd rushed out after 12mn everyone scrambling to catch a cab!
6) Poor co-ordination and publicity for event company, Springroll

Lee Ritenour stepped on stage 1st. At age 16, he played his first recording session for the Mamas & Papas, on-stage two years later backed Tony Bennett and Lena Horne. Scored several gold albums, numerous Guitar Polls #1 spots, 17 Grammy nominations, one 1986 Grammy Award. They played several familiar tunes which really perked the crowd up. Then the band introduced this 26yr old black boy to crone to some Bob Marley tunes. He was rather refreshing with his MJ dance styles.

Next was Spyro Gyra, the New York Jazz Band combines R & B and elements of pop and Caribbean music in Jazz. This was the gig Prax and I paid to watch. The pieces they featured were so awesome, with a couple from a new album. Unfortunately, ½ the act had bad sound… we were watching the sound guys run up and down changing mics! It was so disappointing. Surprisingly, Spyro had numerous fans. Prax also managed to get the drummer do an autograph for his CDs.

I had high expectations for Larry Carlton who first played guitar aged six. His infectious guitar has made him one of the most respected musicians in the industry, garnered two Grammy Awards, and more than 100 gold albums. This time round, he brought with him an entire horn section, calling them the Sapphire Blues Horns! That sorta sucked as he used them and less guitar… playing Blues which made me wanna sleep… There were 2 acoustic pieces that I really enjoyed. If you wanna watch some great guitar skills… you’ll have to watch Larry Carlton.

3 great acts in 1 night was honestly crazy. Anyone of these bands could have played an entire evening. They are THAT good!

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