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I still feel loads of food stuck within my system since the New Year. There's BBQ ribs, roasted chicken, homemade popiah, chicken rice, black pepper crab and tons of other yummy seafood. I still haven't figured out an effective exercise routine for the year... would be nice to get back in shape.

The Gift Exchange
The gang gathered last night for the annual gift exchange way off in Woodlands! Can’t believe we actually made the effort to travel there. Dinner was at Swensens (the usual), where we cracked the 1st joke of the year – “The Deep Bowl”. For old time’s sake, we ordered the large 8 scoops Earthquake. Being 5 young fickle brained individuals, we found it difficult to decide on 8 choices of ice-cream flavours, which kinda made the lady manager a little frustrated. However, when the bowl of ice-cream finally arrived, we couldn’t find the 8th strawberry flavour! The manager picked up the bowl and said: “The strawberry is at the bottom, this bowl is very deep!”. Yeah – sure! As if we can’t see for ourselves that it’s certainly “Very Deep”!
We now intend to keep a record of the best jokes of the year!

I had myself a couple of really neat presents. The wine glasses were a pleasant surprise. I’ve also got a brand new VCR, Toshiba V-E60! I've need this machine for many months since my old Panasonic decided to die on me. Many are looking into DVD Recorders, with 4 hours of crystal clear footage. I guess my just happy with a trusty VHS.

We spent the last hours of the day chatting away, digging into how Pris was being proposed to… and how it “came many times” at the beach! It’s been long since we had so much fun.

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