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The honest truth is I haven't given Lent any thought as yet. How I can better prepare myself for Good Friday or basically what it all boils down to. Many Lents have passed me by and I generally narrow it down to a few must do things, sort of like rituals for this season.

1) Starts of with Ash Wednesday with the symbolic Ash anointing and fast.

2) Stations of the Cross (which I find hard to make time fit). It is usually meaningful to attend, but I sometimes wonder how the monotony can be minimised. The 2 import aspects I experience while participating in the Stations are a) appreciation of Christ greatest love, learning how we too can grow strong in difficult times and b) communion prayer.

3) Sacrifices... Which helps to draw me closer to Christ? It can be in any form, but something of significance or impact in our life. Mine might be along the line of offering more prayer or quiet time in sacrifice of watching less television or making the effort to do sometime extra or nice in the office or home. Nothing big and almighty but something to kick start into a good routine or habit.

4) Maundy Thursday Church Visitation. I haven’t done this in many years. Maybe I see little effect it does. Unlike pilgrimages to Lourdes or Israel, where the land tells the story of Jesus’ times; walking from parish to parish in Singapore almost seem like a church tour. What I find more meaningful are the Lenten Vigils. But I’m already feeling old for them.

5) Ending off with a 2 hour long solemn Good Friday Service. It’s a day to recall the suffering endured by Christ in his last hours. I hate to say it, but I look forward to breaking fast and the feast that wait during Easter. Maybe in all it’s likeness, that’s what looking forward to Easter might be. A new day of joy.

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