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We're counting down to the Oscars in 3 days time. As much as I'd love to be cited up about nominations and predictions, crazy catching all the nominated greats; I'm sad to say... I'm finding time short these days. I love this event and recall the good ole poly days where film lovers pull our hair out to know the results. Some of that, I believe; still lingers on. To "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" - my vote is on this baby!

Thinking back on films I loved in 2003, I've noticed that too many were Hollywood flicks; but good flicks I must add. Here's a couple of note worthy 2003 films -
1) Finding Nemo
2) Love Actually
3) Down with Love
4) One Day (Jap)
5) Matrix: Revolution
6) The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
7) Wonderful Days (Korean Anime)
8) German Retrospective: Night And Fog (German Documentary)
9) Hero (HK - which was released Dec 2002, arriving here in early 03)
10) Pirate of the Caribbean

As you can see, the last year wasn't awesomely exciting. Maybe I wasn't catching the right films... I still await time to catch "Lost in Translation", "Goodbye, Lenin!", "Under the Tuscan Sun" and heaps others... How I wish I can fix up some kind of movie marathon... That'll be so cool!

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