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I finally have my hands on the Greyish Black Nokia 7250i! Starhub finally have a decent offer with a 2 year contract.

The Look: Love it! This is truly a love hate design. Honestly I didn’t care much about it at 1st sight, but it sorta grows on you. After 4 months since I intended to change my phone, I’ve taken a strong liking to it’s bold black stripes. It’s very me; very arty, very stylish.

The Performance: Generally average. You can’t infra-red pictures to another mobile, the 4,000 colour screen is pathetic, the camera feature sucks and there’s no blue-tooth (not that I need it). It’s a phone with a little bit of everything fitted into a nice size, but nothing extraordinary or outstanding.

My faithful 8210 has served it’s due.

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