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It's awfully quiet in the office this morning. Then again, who has any mood to crack up on a pretty Saturday when you really ought to be sleeping in. It's extra tiring since the gals hung out late for Yen's birthday. Cheers to the birthday gal, but no forgiveness for the worst Long Island Tea @ Sound Bar! I wonder if it was a mistake putting alcohol back into my system right after my course of antibiotics. I was literately zonked out as soon as I hit the pillows.

My 1st Film Festival screening tickets were finally given to Lis' parents. I can't believe nobody wanted to take it up! It was really funny cause this was actually a special screening, toped with snacks and wine. Many were dressed for the occasion with suits and gowns; Lis' parents looked like they were hanging out at the hawker centre. It was that funny; they thought they have been played! I wonder how the show went?

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