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I have a be-earlied anniversary present – a SONY CLIE TJ 37 PDA! Equipped with 32MB onboard RAM, Integrated Wireless LAN, High-resolution TFT Color Display 320 x 320 dots @ 65,536 colors, Built-in 640 x 480 Camera, Built-in Audio Player for MP3 audio format and a Built-in Video Player. It’s freaky, with enough MS space; I can actually compress episodes of TV series and watch them on my journey home! Suddenly I feel I need to purchase a 512 Memory Stick Pro and for ultimate protection and coolness – an aluminum casing!
It’s a little something all packed into 1.

I actually hate to say goodbye to my hand me down IPAQ 3660 which served me well since last year. Unfortunately, the battery life for the Pocket PC OS is horrible. With my 2000 IPAQ I was averaging 30 mins max. without backlight. So it was very much a note taker machine with a nice Windows feel. I sweared I was such a Pocket PC person that I almost couldn’t understand why I had to now change to be Palm user!

Almost a week into my Clie and I’m still figuring out all the bits and pieces. Really hated the idea that syncing had to be manual. Being such a visual person, I also hated the default launcher, but I’m hoping to update that with a face-lift. It was almost tedious trying to figure out the new Palm Graffiti writing tool, the new way of managing documents and all the nitty gritty conversion stuff in and out of the PDA. I had so wanted my next PDA to have a landscape screen with a built in keyboard.

In the midst of all my complaining, I’m actually growing to like my new toy. The size, camera, good battery life, movie compression capability and ability to covert it to a portable MP3 player are all really swell. I can’t say I’m a Palm covert as yet, but I’m hoping I could really make it a part of me :)

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