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This is a quite a recent film, but it's a no crap kind of movie and I honestly loved it. It surrounds the bleakest illegal immigrant subject and yet amongst dark humor, smart dialogue, and engaging performances from lead actor Chitwetel Ejiofor and Audrey Tautou, it turned out to be such an enlightening and insightful film. The story unveils the life of illegal immigrants fighting for their survivor each day in the cold city of London. Director Stephem Fears beautifully portrays the characters’ anxiety and fears. Layer by layer, we discover their pasts and dreams. Many amidst the injustice resort to selling their organs (or their lives) in a lucrative organ business for a passport. It’s a frightening theme to exploit in such a realistic manner, with a wonderful twist towards the end.

How much are you willing to sell to belong? How much are your dreams worth? Multiple plot lines all wrap up neatly in the end. It’s a little bit of drama, thriller and romance mixed nicely.

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