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I've been bugged by Felicia so many times about how much she really wants to loose those tummy and arm flabs. She's determined today, cutting on carbo and stuffing herself silly with burgers and fries the next. So I thought she should check out the Herbal Life Weight Loss Supplement. It's a tasty shake like formula that mixes well with fruits, yoghurt, soymilk or fruit juices. So you're suppose to replace a meal or two with the supplement (of cause you'll lose weight!) and see the results in 2 months or so. Amusingly, we attended a seminar together on the product last night and there are sales people coming up to share their experiences of how much better their lives have improved. Suddenly, the product is like a miracle drink! Users of the product are coming up with picture testimonies of their photos before and after; enthusiastically trying to help you make a decision.

After looking at how desperate some "fat" people (I swear some of them are perfectly decent in weight - Felicia is one of them) seemed so egar to try the product, I somehow noticed how "slim" I am... it's almost weird. It somewhat boils down to self worth? Is having the perfect body that important? What make you have confidence and that "feel good" feeling? I am not a drop dead bombshell, but I know I have what it takes to hold someone's attention. It may be an overall package, but I'm sure it's more that just a great body. Will I try a weight loss product? Not sure... I am one of those fortunate souls who can say - "till I need to".

I just hope I don't get sued at the end of the day for trying to be helpful...

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