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If you've noticed... the Singapore Flag is flying again on my Homepage. I'm starting to wonder if it'll be traditional to write something nice about my country each year about this time.

I'd better not start before the rhythm really kicks in. But then, maybe I want to put in a few words or two. The country had a tough pass two years and things are perhaps looking a little brighter. So we pride ourselves for beating the recent economic crisis, SARS, Bird Flu bla bla...

On August 12, young Lee will take over the throne. 4D sales for that number combination was sold out for the weekend the big day was announced. I guess... what can I say, he's been molded for the position since conception. This will be the man that will be making the laws during my prime working life. Somehow, I'm not entirely enthusiastic. The general spirit for the holidays have been rather dull, except for the extended weekend holiday which I'm looking forward to.

Afterwhich, we'll have no sight of another public holiday till November!

Fireworks Festival
The weekend Fireworks Festival drew in thousands to the Marina Bay area. It was a smart move to have sushi at the Esplanade, where they had an outdoor balcony area where the fireworks blasted right in front of my face. It way beat fighting with the crowd and catching the slight drizzle. Still it was amazing as everyone looked up to the skies as each burst of colours brought a smile to young and old alike. It was almost an unifying moment till the 10 min display ended and everyone pushed and pulled to squeeze out of the area. It's different having captured still pictures of fireworks this time round. I finally took some time to read through all the features of the V1.

The true beauty lies with moving images right before the explosion. Cause just before the flowery display, no one really knows what to expect, how big, what pattern or what colour.

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