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Well said, Lis...

"Then u know what; i think it's about time you make it your choice. If you think that things will improve if you trash it out with her, talk to her. There are a lot of things we as bystanders may not understand.

We advise you based on these elements:
- you broke up with her (long ago)
- she did not ditch you for someone else
- you are lonely
- you cannot live in the shadows but
- you cannot live in the light with her in tow
- you are afraid of what's in store for you in the future
- she is happy now
- we do not think you should be in a relationship with her or any other girl for that matter

But, it's your life. Live it the way you want to."

Footnote: Just in case crazy thoughts are flying through your mind... The above message wasn't for me :P Sorry for the disappointment to some!

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