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Today I saw with my faithful eyes, a scene of Insect Survivor. A garden Ant trapped on a wooden window still, struggling to break free from the coiled web of a tiny albino Spider (well, it looked pale enough). In fact the Spider seemed smaller in size compared to the Ant. Now just image how micro their world really is. Here I was, washing a cup, as I leaned forward focusing my attention on both little creatures. At lightning speed the Spider scrambled round and round the Ant, coating it with it's sticky deadly web. Eight legs sure helped as it went clockwise one moment and anti-clockwise the next. And right in the centre was a helpless Ant, fighting for it's dear life; body wiggling uncontrollably. Just as it's hold was weakening, up pounces the Spider on the Ant's head, probably biting it with venom. Slowly, after a few moments, the Ant's fighting spirit disappears. Almost like life itself was sucked out; likely to be Spider's tea snack.

For a moment, I thought I might just want to help free the tiny Ant from the crutches of it's predator. Then I thought of the circle of life... (almost hearing "The Lion King" tune), that everyday I casually sweep off ants around my table. And here is a baby Spider, working it's due for a decent meal. Now whose the under dog?

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