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It was a good National Day weekend. Had enough rest from all the muscle stretching and heart pumping exercises. Attended the 2nd Fireworks Festival Performance by a Hong Kong Team. This time we stood on the connecting bridge between the Esplanade and One Fullerton. The original plan was to tuck into a steak dinner at Black Angus. Unfortunately, the restaurant facing the river had been booked 3 weeks back. So we stood stuck at the bridge spot for a whole 2.5 hours. Didn't even dare leak a pee.

This time we brought along TRV950 for some moving images. It was certainly satisfying to see some great fireworks shots captured. At shutter speeds reaching 300, the colours were fantastic. I also did some super imposition for that added picturic effect. On the small Clie screen, many were fooled!

The National Day Parade was the usual boring stuff... same ole same ole... There was a bitter sweet tribute to PM Goh Cheok Tong who's served us through 7 bountiful years and 7 tough and trying years. Almost like the Egyptians in Bible during Moses' time.

In some ways, I wanted to do more during the extended weekend. But I guess it turned out just nice... lots of lazing around with a little tint of Fireworks Magic.

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