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I honestly cannot recall anything too significant during the week. But I did meet up with the gang at Feathers & Fins on Monday night (after unknown no. of failed arrangements). I took the Ultimate plate, with a combination of fish, chicken, prawns and butter rice. Received a maroon traveler's blanket from sweet Sharon. Charles got one of those long photo frame panels where memories of yester years marked our friendship. I think it will make a nice piece in Charles' room, topped with my rotating space lamp. Out of laziness, I decided to keep my presents for another occasion (whenever that might be). In some ways, I am regretting that decision now.

Mid-week, Pris and Charles hopped over to my place to check out some of my edited footages while we bitted into some guava.

Sadly, the 2nd hand monitor I bought off HardwareZone seems to be dead after about 1 week of usage. It's pretty upsetting, considering it's been with us for such a short period of time and it doesn't have a warranty. I'm tempted to return the equipment, but it did work perfectly fine when we brought it home. Generally, monitors are rather hardy, so I'm a little confused. So I chucked the monitor into the car for the time begin.

Zeus will be going through a reformat this weekend. Couple of programs are screwed and I desperately need to convert some DVD footages into divx format. I think it might be 6 - 8 months since I last did a reformat, meanwhile, there's been a couple of new hardware upgrade such as the graphics card.

Now that I'm looking back at the week... it wasn't that uneventful after all.

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