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More like Elaine's night. Another September 11 baby! Party location... New Asia, cover charge is still a rip off! I question why I allow myself to get corned again and again... Drinks were equally expensive, but we did try the gimmicky Test Tube Babies! A rack of 6 medium sized laboratory test tubes in rainbow coloured mixed Pina Colada. Didn't taste very nice, but good fun. Elaine then recommended me the most costly apple juice (or Apple Martini) at $10.20 per glass. And it was going at 1/2 price!!!
I can't get over the crowd. Surprising, there were some decent eye candy. But nothing beats other ridiculous characters you swear can only be met at such hang outs.

The Good
- Cute Blonde Boy Band looking Ang Moh
- Ewan McGregor looking Ang Moh
- Other cute Ang Mohs dancing around us
- Hot French Kissing on the dance floor

The Bad
- Super-Kick Super Old Ah Pek
- Bad Singing Karaoke Dude (*It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes*) with bizarre dance moves
- Sited White Shirt fellow with actions that can kill ten birds
- Crazy Mutt-Rock Slash Hair Woman
- The Bartender

The Ugly
- "Did I do something wrong" fellow who tries to *b-oie* Elaine. I mean get a life dude, we're out to have fun.

The music was generally hot, I danced till my legs damn ache.

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