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Derek and I took a stroll down the glittery Orchard Road on Friday night after a hearty meal of NYDC. We taught we’d like to soak into the festivity and check out the costly decorations. Surprisingly for a Friday night, there wasn’t really a crowd. Especially at the tallest Christmas tree grounds (next to the Orchard MRT) with a fake outdoor ice-skating ring. The skating ring wasn’t really made out of ice, but some special pieces of floor boards that allowed real skates to glide. There were a couple of children in the ring, but that was pretty much it. It’d actually be cool, if we had a real ice ring… There was this stretch along Takashimaya that displayed the Nativity Story, with life size characters of Shepherds, sheep, Wise men, camels and the Holy Family. For once, there’s a biblical representation amongst all the fairy lights. We walked down towards Centrepoint which used to display the best Christmas piece; but this year, the theme didn’t really gel. And as we walked back to towards Hereen it poured buckets down. I may have caught a chill cum flu from the bizarre weather, I felt kind of horrible on Saturday.

We’re about 2 weeks from Christmas, and I’ve decided to design a biblical Christmas card from the pictures I took in Egypt. I’ll top it up with a Christmas verse and hopefully everything will look decent. There’ll be the traditional printed card and an online graphical version. I’m hoping I can do a Flash version… but we’ll see how time works out.

I’m starting to notice the Christmas To-do list is getting very similar.
I’ve narrowed this year’s To-do list to 5 main points (which I’m reeeeeeeeaaaally hoping I can complete…)
1) Design Christmas Card
2) Give something to the Poor
3) Go for Confession
4) Spring Clean the Room
5) Clean-up the Wardrobe

Take a look at last year’s To-do list.

I’m already feasting my ears on Holiday music. Loving Avalon’s “Joy” and Harry Connick Jr’s “Harry for the Holidays” album.
I’ve yet to crack my brains for the special presents for the annual gift exchange… hopefully I can come up with something soon.

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