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I told myself the 1st film I would watch after my return from Egypt would be Oliver Stone's 'Alexender'; and it was. There were scenes where I could identify with the papyrus paper, the Katush, the illustrated Ancient Wonder Lighthouse of Alexandria and the deserts of Egypt. I didn't know too much about the history of Alexander the Great, thus I'm not in the best position to comment on all the historical misinterpretations of the film. To me, it has served it's entertainment and and historical value. For the little history buff in me, it turned out decent for a Saturday afternoon. I was however disappointed that Stone failed to depict his conquer of Egypt (for very obvious reasons). Reviews for the film haven't been fantastic, but I thought Colin Ferrell did justice to the great legend and the battle scenes were better then 'Troy'.

It's been a week now since my return, and I've complied the 2,000 over digital images into 2 DVD playable discs. That works out to about 50 rolls of conventional 40 shots film rolls and would cost me about S$650.00 in development. My mom developed an additional 10 rolls on her own which caused about S$100.00. It's crazy. But the pictures turned out fantastic. When I figure out some time, I'd scan and put up the best shots on my Travel Log.

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