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January has been a great month. Guess when you treasure the gift of time and start doing something about it, your experiences take on a whole new meaning.
I've been listening to Joseph Cambell's interview on 'The Power of Myth' and quotes:
"We are not in search of the meaning of Life,
We are in search of the experience of being Alive".

The Next 'Wave'
It's more then a month since the Tsunami Attack on 26 Dec 2004. Since then, the death toll has risen to over 220,000 (and counting). How quickly lives were swept away in an instance. How quickly we forget and move along with our daily lives. News previously reported nothing but the devastation of the killer waves (till there was nothing else reported), and these days; silly stories on myopia, medisave and our education system invade our screens. Just like the most horrifying terrorist attack on September 11 2001; the world will remember, our hearts sank, but we move along. What is God's hand in Mother Nature's doing telling us? For me, I see the compassion of those who risked all to help and the fighting spirit of those affected. To me, they've shown me the value of living.

About Friends
You'd realised that no matter, how much you think you know your friends, there's always some new to discover in each of them...
Sharon : In depth knowledge of our water friends. Into exotic fishes and has 2 pig nose terrapins (creatures that only Sharon will find adorable).
June : Been to more cool coffee places then I have.
Charles : Currently holding 2 broadband services... what a waste of $$$.

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  1. i know meh..? wat did i say about coffee places? need refreshment siah..


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