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By pure accident, I changed the template of my weblog. Result of itchy fingers and a new range of templates on Blogger.
I don't particularly have a preference or liking for this design... perhaps just wanted something blue. Might twitch it a little when I work our some time.

I've been doing heaps lately.
1) 1 year Cinefex subscription
If you're into the magic of movies and haven't heard of this SFX Industry magazine, then you've been missing out big time.
In fact, this is the only magazine I'm purchasing after soooooo many years. It's a quarterly magazine packed with detailed (sometimes too detailed) information of all the behind the scenes effort and technology of featured movie.
For the past 2 years, I signed up directly with Cinefex at US$10 per copy delivered directly to my home. I never missed a copy, but simply hated the fact that the magazines had a awful center fold in order to be fitted into my mailbox. This year, I signed up directly with Basheer at S$17 per copy. Self collect. I just couldn't stand my precious Cinefex disfigured before read...

2) Esplanade's Ichiban Boshi / Festive shopping at Chinatown
Welcome Japanese treat for Derek's Ang Mo colleagues (Dennis, Jim and Amarie) from Ford Collins. It was extra nice cause I didn't have to pay for it.
After dinner, we took Jim and Amarie to soak in some festive mood at Chinatown. They've never experienced anything like this before... stalls of red, lantern light-ups, waxed ducks, dried sausages, melon seeds, Chinese tidbits, people, people and more people. I took TRV950 out for a spin, but it's hard to cam and be a good host all together.

3) Kona Kikapu full-suspension Mountain Bike
Derek has been eyeing the 2005 Kona Kikapu for a while now, so we made a trip to Tampines to check out the Kona Dealer Ah Tay. The shop's shutter was half closed upon arrival and cocky Ah Tay was bragging to us about his years of experience in the sport. Unfortunately, he's physic somehow told a different story. The range of bicycles were impressive, so were their price tags. The Kikapu we eyed on will set us back $1,600. It's a good piece of equipment, so we're giving it some thought.

4) Animal Farm (George Orwell)
I've completed George Orwell's literary genius 'Animal Farm'. A story I vaguely knew formerly. How I love the man vs. animal acts, the toy with Soviet Communism and the irony in Orwell's creative symbolisms. The story published in 1946 captured the essence of what communism was to come in the Russian Revolution. For all it's controversies and imaginations, I applaud Orwell... '1984' anyone?

5) Driver's License Photo
Just for the new plastic $50 lifetime driver's license, I specially took a studio photo against a white backdrop. The picture turned out rather sweet, but 'Chinese'. I'm not sure if it's the hair's fringe or the paranakan collared blouse. Inclusive of the photo session, my license cost comes to $70. Well, I'm just thankful, I never have to make another license renewal again.

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