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It's a refreshing change to have pouring rain through the warm nights and afternoons. The stale air from the dreaded bush fires have faded in exchange for a certain freshness. Certainly a welcoming change.

2 months of 2005 have passed us by. Shockingly, it's been the best 2 months I've had in a while. There's a good mixture of many things:
- Been reading
- Watched (lots) of TV
- Seen Snow in a really freezing holiday (check out the photographs here)
- Started on my Gospel of Matthew Bible Study Class
- Worked on some creative stuff (or at least I've been thinking about it)

The low downs would include:
- Missing my annual Ang Bao collection. All I got was 4 red packets! Never in my life have I only received 4 red packets!!!
- Fell awfully sick from a deadly flu bug
- Conga was discovered to have mites - YeeeeKs! The vet started on this antibiotics injection that have a 5% chance of fatality! More then anything else in the world, I really hope Conga pulls this one through...

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