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Thank God for great friends you can hang out and hang loose with. No pretences, no fronts, lots of laughter and lots of love...
You'll get the jest from the email dialogue... (slightly censored)

N : "Yesterday was a blast. Loved every bit of it... from intestines to bananas, to nuts and cupcakes (with a cherry on the top)!!! Thank you so much for your generosity too (good gift) ... I'm now thinking where I should invest this fund..."

L : "Don't get it wrong. It's pancake with a cherry on top. Cupcakes no need cherries; they have imbedded toppings.
So is Tom Welling up in your office already?
It was a great nightout..."

N : "Noooooooo... it was cupcakes with cherry on top!
The weirdest thing was... I was listening to Lush 99.5 on my way home and there was this piece of mood music that actually had lyrics such as cupcakes, baby and cherry on the top!
I dunno to laugh or what... but it was bizarre after our hilarious conversation..."

Y : "Pls ladies, stop fantasizing abt cupcakes and cherries. Goodness, and both of you r the ones with husband/bf.
Forgot my darlin Tom, left it on the table so that I can remember to bring ... yet .... will do tom kekekeke.
I had fun too. If this is the reason I get my laugh lines, then itz well worth it (altho i will still buy tons of cream to prevent this) :)

E : "coollies ... i had fun too ... not sure abt u gals but i'm developing a rather well toned abdominal as well :))
anyway .. our nites are always packed with excitement whenever we gals hang ... let's keep this party rocking !!!!

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