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For a while now, Zeus had been performing in the most undesirable fashion. Especially during reboots and power up. Then it has flaky issues of accepting new devices and crashes on heavy rendering loads. It was most annoying. Figured it was my Tyan Tiger server motherboard that might be the culprit, since it has been serving me in very harsh and warm environmental conditions.

So last weekend, Achilles was born. From a cool 2 processor motherboard I had to make do temporarily with a free MSI board. Namely cause upgrading to similar specs at this stage would set me back near 2K. Considering all the damages I've put myself through these 2 months, I figured it might not be the best time. Not only is my processor power cut by 1/2, so is my RAM!!! The overall experience is far from perfect, I'm purely at the make-do stage. I'm not complaining as 1) it's free and 2) most of my basic technical requirements can be fulfilled (for now).

On the "brighter" side of things, there seemed to be some USB conflict issues that causes even Achilles to hang at times. Figure it could be the Firewire, USB2 Adaptec card that could be the faulty device after all. For all you know, Zeus may be resurrected! A ray of hope lingers... and I'm hoping I can arrange some time to troubleshoot and diagnose the real root problem... sigh... computers...


  1. finally i found an entry that specifically rambles computer techy stuffs!

    seems like u've got everything i dream of..

  2. Any computer is good as long as it does what you want it to do... unless it doesn't...

    As one of the sayings go -"if it works fine, don't touch it!" unless you enjoy messing things up...


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