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I've always loved the rain. Especially when grey clouds cover the skies and the surrounding transforms into a dark and eerie setting. Dry leaves gets picked up by cold howling winds and a musky scent fills the air that we breathe. I don't enjoy the rain enough.

It rained very heavily over the weekend. Quite unfortunately, instead of snuggling up in bed; I had to drag myself up on both mornings. Brave through the splatting raindrops and appear where I need to, all drenched.

I spent some time helping the youth film a story to be presented sometime in August. In many ways, it was just good fun running through the story shots, setting the scene and play acting. Also shared a couple of hours teaching them some editing techniques which I believe is a skill set which will be invaluable. Figured the shots turned out rather decent, but of cause the acting sucked big time and the characters were totally not in role.

In all good fun, we nearly had a panic attack when a $13.90 4X4 pin firewire cable purchased couldn't detect the camera. At the Sony shop, a $90 bucks cable detected the device seamlessly! For a moment, we nearly forked out the cash until a Belkin $12.90 cable worked just as well. Ralph was silently saying the Hail Mary while we tested for the verdict!

I've left the editing totally to Ralph. Would be egar to just catch the final product on DVD.

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