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Badminton Tournament 2005, originally uploaded by natashayong.

Badminton... never a shuttlecock gal, but I did flick my wrist enough to come in as 3rd Runners Up for Team All Rounders!
I'm giving myself a pat on the back since I was the last min reserve that turned full time player. Had like only 1 practice session (can't even recall if I ever played a real badminton game before) and was thrown into the heat of the competition. At the end, it was an extremely close fight with the men double as the deciding match. We sort of lost by 1 point.
Haven't won a trophy in years! Since those tennis days... Miss that game... haven't stepped into a tennis court after my racket got loaned out to Fiona since 19XX??? Okie... maybe later... but it's been a long time. Pretty excited to pick that sport again since recently I've found myself a tennis "kaki".

Special thanks too for all of you who either came to support (both physically & spiritually) or offered a prayer. Grateful.


  1. Way to go, gal pal! Hehe, actually quite envious of u, my last trophy was in 19... err.. nm *sob*

  2. Sad that I couldn't really see you in action.

    Was late at semi finals and had to work late on yr finals.

    Anyway, I'm happy to have met some of your collegues.

    Next time lah!

  3. tennis kaki - was that me was that me?? must be me cos that was when i picked up tennis!! :D :D

    I haven't played any tennis this summer, arggh! but i found these wall courts that i could practice at so i'll def do that.


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